This Dress Was Anonymously Donated To A Thrift Shop. The Note Pinned To It Is Going Viral


When your love story begins, everything has a new sense of vibrancy. Going to the grocery store, walking the dog, even doing the dishes suddenly seems nice — even fun — now that someone special has entered your life.

Before you know it, you’re dreaming, planning, and then suddenly dancing at your wedding, happily ready to embark on a life full of rich memories with your true best friend.

When a couple that shares this kind of intense bond is forced to go their separate ways, however, it can be devastating. It’s precisely why you hear so many stories of elderly couples that die within months, even hours, of each other. It’s like they can’t bare to live life without the other. Yet, that’s not always the case. Sometimes one spouse needs to find the strength to move on.

One mysterious man in England has done exactly that, in the most heartwarming of ways. He was married to his late wife for over 50 years, but he had a hard time letting go after her death. Yet, due to a note found in a thrift shop that specializes in carrying used wedding dresses, someone has discovered and decided to share, a beautiful slice of this romantic man’s life. His story, and the search to discover his identity, is one that truly makes you believe in the power of love…

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On June 8, 2015 an employee at St. Gemma’s Hospice charity store in Leeds, England was riffling through a bag of donations when she stumbled upon something quite rare.


Under further investigation, the employee, Aysha Alton, noticed that it was a vintage wedding dress, but that’s not what made it unique.


There was a handwritten note attached to the gown that rang of romance.


The note read: “I wish any lady who takes this dress to have a life with her loved one 56 years like I did. [They were] happy years. I was a lucky man to marry a lady like mine.”


“They knew immediately that it was a very special dress, but the note made it even more special,” Nicola Woodgate, an employee of the St. Gemma’s Hospice, told ABC.



In fact, the heartfelt note touched the staff at the store so profoundly that they’re now on the hunt to figure out who this anonymous donor was.


The staff believes that their mystery man either left the donation behind the building, or inside a large bag among other items as to not draw any attention to himself when he dropped it off.


“It’s a very ornate, vintage gown that we think was probably made in the 1950s,” said Woodgate, hoping this information would lead to a clue. “It has no labels, so we think it was made for the lady who would’ve been the bride.”


The gown has since has received so much interest that St. Gemma’s has decided to list the gown for auction on eBay. The proceeds will go to charity.


The dress has 19 offers with the highest bid at $560, and less than eight days left.


One thing we do know about whoever dropped it off is that he had a heart full of love, not only for his late wife, but for helping others in need as well.


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