Effects of using Coke to clean a dirty toliet


The daunting task of cleaning a dirty toilet will never haunt you again. Not after watching the clever life hack video below, that is. To clean the dirtiest of toilets, all you need is some Coke (any dark cola will do) and a little bit of time for the beverage to work its magic. According to wikihow, the mild acidity in the coke breaks down the dirt and grime, leaving you with a sparkly toilet bowl after you flush.

Organicconsumers.org notes that the chemicals in traditional toilet bowl cleaners have varying levels of health hazards depending on the product. Carbonated soft drinks on the other hand, while far from organic, are fit for human consumption according to the FDA. Not to mention that a 2 liter bottle of Coke can be found for as cheap as $1. So take that bottle of Coke that’s been sitting on your shelf and enjoy your freshly cleaned toilet bowl.



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