Every Day, An 86-Year-Old Man Gets This Tiny Visitor In His Kitchen


There’s no denying that getting older can be a beautiful, transformative experience for many people.

Over the years, you figure out what and who is most important in your life. You realize that it’s truly the “little things” that matter most and, if you’re wise, you see that it’s better to have a few good friends than a bunch of so-so ones. However, when you start to reallyget up there in years, you are lucky to only have one or two friends left. Loneliness can be one of the toughest parts about the aging process and even though we become more content overall, it’s nice to have visitors.

That’s why the following touching story of an old man and his tiny friend makes me so happy. João Silvestrini, an elderly man in Brazil, knows how wonderful it is to have a special animal friend in life during his old age. Every day, a tiny, young hummingbird stops by Silvestrini’s home to visit the 86-year-old and to grab a quick snack from the bird feeder in his kitchen.

One day, Silvestrini was able to capture the magical moment with his little friend on camera. In the video, the sweet old man can be heard telling the tiny bird “Come here, let’s talk close to the camera, okay? … Drink a little bit? Like this.”

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