Five Men Sing Stunning A Cappella Version Of ‘Hotel California’


“Hotel California” by the Eagles is one of the best known songs of the album-oriented rock era. The internet has blessed us with many, many different renditions and variations of the rock classic, but you’re about to hear a version like never before.

Performed by a Cuban vocal group called Vocal Sampling, these six men showcase their ability to perform a full song — instrumentation and all — without any actual instruments. You see, their voices, beat-boxing, and vocal effects take the place of the drums, keyboards, and guitars… and it’s incredible to say the least! Make sure you watch until the end, because the man in the red shirt rises off his stool to perform an epic “guitar” solo around the 4:20 mark. Are you freakin’ kidding me?! I’ve never heard anything like that before!

It’s no surprise that the six members of Vocal Sampling are all accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers. While studying music at an institute in Cuba, they searched for creative ways to provide music for ill-equipped house parties. Once they discovered their talent for a capella singing, the unique sound of Vocal Sampling was born. The renowned group is known for its outrageous vocal imitations of instruments like the piano, cowbell, conga, bass, and trumpet.

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