Hunter Adopts 2 Fawns After Their Mother Died


Halvor Sveen is known for being one of the best hunters in Norway, but a recent change of heart now has him fathering two baby fawns.

The man said it was love at first sight, when he spotted two baby fawns in desperate need to care after their mother died. Now, he has adopted the two fawns and is tending to their needs.

He has even let the babies sleep in his bedroom because they need around-the-clock care — with eight feedings per day. He has named the two fawns Knoll and Tott.

“Well, here I sit half asleep in the middle of the night, and then I’m not even thinking of deer roast,” Sveen joked about the end of his deer hunting days.

The fawns are enamored with the hunter, following him around like he’s their mother. The adorable pair have even become best pals with Sveen’s dog, Hunter. They’re even seen cuddling with the dog.

For now, the babies are seen roaming around the hunter’s home and enjoying their unlikely new family. They’re healthy and growing bigger each day, thanks to this kindhearted hunter.

When the animals are mature, they will be moved to a wildlife preserve without predators.

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