Iraq War Soldier Receives Christian Baptism In The Euphrates River


When this soldier was surrounded by terrorist insurgents in Iraq, he decided he wanted to be properly baptized in the only river that is mentioned in both the first and last book of the Christian Bible.

Just outside of the Rawah Anbar province in Iraq, back when the war was at its height, many soldiers were facing deadly attacks on a daily basis. But in the video below you’ll see a simple enough miracle occur: The Christian soldier decided that he wished to make an outward proclamation of his faith in Jesus Christ.

So, on a particularly cloudy day, he and his unit realized that the fog cover was so thick that they would be able to run into the Euphrates river.

With no weapons, and barely any equipment, the young soldier rushes into the lapping water. Surrounded by his friend and the platoon’s chaplain, this young Christian is dunked completely underwater as a show of his powerful trust in God and a final acceptance of Jesus Christ as his savior.

This soldier is now a Christian for life, and with such a stirring baptism story we’re just sure that he’s going to do some amazing things for the rest of his days on Earth!

What did you think of this soldier’s dedicated faith? Have you ever seen something this beautiful before in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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