Learn To Transfer Newspaper Print Onto Your Nails


You can go to a salon to get a fancy manicure, or you can do something fun and exciting all by yourself at home. Cutepolish, from Youtube, has all the tutorials you need to do a wide variety of fun nail designs. She currently has over 200 nail art tutorials that have been viewed over 276 million times by 2 million subscribers. I think she knows what she is doing.

In this tutorial, she shows how you can easily transfer newsprint onto your nail for a fun and different design that doesn’t rely on simply nail polish. All it takes is some rubbing alcohol to get the print to transfer. It’s really great because it doesn’t take much effort to get it to work and the designs are only limited to what you can find in newspapers. While in this video she shows a design using text, it would be interesting to see if images from newspapers would transfer just as well. Small images might look best, but you could also try to make one long image across your nails using pieces of the same picture on each of your nails. Any other ideas on how to make this unique? SHARE in the comments below.

The possibilities seem endless and all you need to do is watch this video to get yourself started.



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