Man Releases Deer Into The Wild After Emotional Rescue


It’s no secret that deer are commonly the victims of unfortunate car accidents, when they unexpectedly dash out onto the road. When this happens, very often these creatures are left by the side of the road. Other times, they miraculously survive.

But some lesser-known cases involve injured deer who are unable to move or recover on their own. For some of these lucky creatures in England, one man is able to come to their rescue.

Wildlife Aid Foundation founder Simon Cowell is dedicated to providing a shelter in which injured animals can recover by converting a farmhouse into a functioning animal hospital and wildlife-rescue facility. This is where he took an injured deer for treatment and hopefully a successful release back into the wild.

In the clip, Simon struggles to save the deer in a way that will cause the least trauma. Wild animals can suffer from capture myopathy if they are handled — a condition that can lead to death.

Simon shockingly picks the deer up, and takes her away to be treated. But upon coming back to the woods, it looks like the deer already gave up.

But with Simon’s help, she’s encouraged to venture deeper into the woods, finally overcoming that hurdle. And as he watches her go, Simon sheds some tears, thankful that he was able to save another beautiful wild creature.

What an incredible rescue!

Warning: Some graphic content may be shocking for some viewers.

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