Mom Tells Son That She’s Pregnant And His Reaction Will Split Your Sides Open


Sarah Bromby has been pestered repeatedly by her 5-year-old son Ethan. “He wants a little sister,” Bromby told the Scunthorpe Telegraph. “But he knows that he can’t choose.” Ethan’s craving for a sibling isn’t unique, yet a conversation between him and his mother has managed to warm the hearts of millions of people.

“Are you really having a baby? … I’m going to be a new big brother!?”

The U.K. mother was finally able to make Ethan’s dream come true earlier this year when she showed her child a picture of her latest ultrasound. Ethan was going to be a big brother. The mother recorded her son’s reaction as he realized what was happening. To say the young boy was ecstatic is putting it lightly.

“I’m so happy about the baby coming out,” Ethan yells, excitedly waving his arms and bouncing in his car seat.

In less than a week, the video Bromby recorded has since been shared over 37,000 times on Facebook. Ethan’s unfiltered joy has made him fans across the world. “That is the most beautiful reaction I’ve ever seen,” reads a comment on Bromby’s Facebook page. “Ethan is gonna be such a lovely big brother,” reads another.

Bromby and Ethan won’t know the gender of the baby until next month. The mother told the Scunthorpe Telegraph that the baby is due in January.



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