Mother Dies 12 Hours After Seeing Three Daughters Get Married


It was a sight to be seen. Three sisters walking down the aisle, three sisters standing before an officiator, three sisters saying their vows and kissing their grooms. The magical day was one of bittersweetness as sisters Jodie, Sarah, and Kaylie Swales from Georgia held their wedding ceremonies early so that their mother could witness the important day.

The brides’ mother, Becky, has cancer. Her dying wish was to see her little girls get married. On this wonderful day, that wish came true. It was almost as if the ailing mother knew she had to hold on a little bit tighter before letting go. A mere 12 hours after the wedding, Becky passed away. For the family, sharing these final moments with her in such a celebratory manner was God’s gift.

“I know she’s watching me and my family, and I’m going to give her a life that she’d be proud to watch,” Jodie said, according to ABC. “Thank you God for letting her be here for the wedding yesterday.”

Often, in classic plays and literature, stories end with either a wedding or a funeral to show us that love and death are each a pivotal part of life. For the Swales family, the bittersweet combination shows us that even in death, the love of those lost will live on.

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