Nervous Woman Sings A Song For Dad, Then Blows Everyone Away


Anervous young mom recently tried her hand at making it through to the Boot Camp stage of the X Factor competition. Neneth Lyons is a 37-year-old full-time mom with a God-given talent for singing — but after she started her family, she stopped singing in public. At first, she had a lot of trouble containing her nerves, and the judges were concerned her anxiety would take over.

Her surprising song choice? Barbara Streisand’s “Somewhere,” which is no easy feat for any vocalist — but it’s a song her father always loved hearing her sing, and she wanted to make her dad proud. While she begins her performance head down and meek, all four judges were on their feet by the end – and Neneth can’t hold back the tears when she sees the crowd’s reaction. Despite her nerves, she proved herself a brilliant singer who seemed to take on a whole new persona as soon as she opened her mouth!

Judge Cheryl said she drew the audience into her spell, and Rita added, “You can never judge a book by its cover. If your daughter can speak, she would say, ‘That’s my mum.’” As for Simon, he said Neneth completely won him over, and though he was afraid the song choice would be too dated for a young mom, she blew him away.

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