Against All Odds, Premature Baby Gets To Go Home After Year In Hospital


345 days. That’s how long Trevor Frolick’s mother, Becky, and the rest of his family spent waiting and hoping that he would get to experience life outside of hospital walls. The ABC News segment below tells the touching story of Trevor, who was born 16-weeks premature in August 2014, and sheds light on the efforts required by many to give him a fighting chance at survival. And the odds were significantly stacked against him.

On the day he was born he weighed just over one pound. Becky recalls the time after his birth being an ‘hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute’ situation. According to statistics from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH), Trevor’s chance for survival without moderate to severe neurodevelopmental impairment was roughly 8%. His odds of not pulling through at all? A disheartening 75%.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. For the Frolick family, nearly a year of angst and anxiety over the uncertainty of Trevor’s future ended when he was cleared to be released, and therefore afforded his first opportunity to live in his true home. For the doctors, nurses, and caretakers, however, the bond that was created between them and Trevor left behind a void.

“Our place is going to feel a whole lot different without him here,” one of the many dedicated healthcare professionals who saw to Trevor’s care said when discussing Trevor’s release from the hospital. But they are happy knowing that this miracle baby will be able to live a full life thanks to their care and attention. Without their tireless work, Trevor may never have been afforded the opportunity to see his eldest sister’s room or meet his newest sister, whom Becky’s expecting to be born just a few weeks after Trevor’s long overdue — and much celebrated — homecoming.



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