Officer helps elderly woman clear snow off car roof


After the East Coast was hit with a historic amount of snow recently, an officer from Evesham Township, N.J., has earned praise from her fellow officers and town residents for her act of kindness.

The officer, Haliema Leach, pulled over a woman who had a mound of snow on top of her vehicle. When she saw that the female driver was elderly, Leach took it upon herself to remove the snow from the roof of the car.

A driver who witnessed the officer’s act of kindness said that the world needs more officers like her.

When alerted about Leach’s actions, the Evesham Township Police Department posted to Facebook the dashcam footage that showed Officer Leach cleaning off the car.

Chris J. Brown, an Evesham resident, shared the footage to his Facebook page. He said of the officer’s actions, “This act of kindness by the Officer is one of many examples why our PD has made Evesham a great town to live in and raise a family. Very proud of ETPD. Thank you Officer!”

According to Do It Yourself, extra snow on the roof of a car can cause accidents because it could slide down and impede the vehicle driver’s field of vision or cause a vehicle to lose its maneuverability on the road. Extra snow on the roof of a moving vehicle can also fly off and cause road hazards for other drivers.



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