Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly


I‘ve never seen anything like this before. Jay and his parter recently visited the Colchester Zoo in Britain. His partner is 37 weeks pregnant. As they approached Rajang the Orangutan’s enclosure, they had no idea the interaction about to take place. Rajang quickly become fixated on her pregnant belly. Before long, he was trying to kiss her belly through the glass! Rajang gently nuzzled up to the glass and tried to get closer and closer to the baby inside her belly.

“I’ll put my belly there, and see if he does the same thing,” Jay said as he filmed — but clearly, Rajang wasn’t at all impressed.

In 2013, Rajang celebrated his 45th birthday. His mother died when he was just a few weeks old, which could explain his fascination with all things motherhood. Zookeepers and visitors adore Rajang because he’s known to engage with humans — and new things in particular — in extraordinary ways. According to the Colchester Zoo website, “He also is intrigued by cuts and bruises, and when he sees them on a person, he attempts to investigate them. One of Rajang’s dedicated keepers, Paula Fairweather commented, ‘Rajang loves to be involved and imitates us when we are cleaning his enclosure. We often give him a cloth and bucket of soapy water so he can clean his windows whilst we clean the rest of the area! One time, Rajang was caught watching our gardeners planting some flowers, so we gave him some plant pots and peat, as well as some leafy twigs and thin branches, and watched to see what he would do. Rajang put the peat in the plant pots, and then cleverly planted the twigs!’”

This is such a special moment that proves, once again, the compassion, empathy, and intelligence within the Animal Kingdom. Please SHARE this incredible video with your friends on Facebook!



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