Police Officer Offers A Place To Stay To Family Sleeping In A Car At The Park


Robert Wood, his pregnant wife, and their two kids were moving back to Robert’s hometown of Eugene, OR from Alaska, but didn’t have a place to stay. They were still house hunting and wanted to save some money. They had spent some nights in the car on their way down from Alaska, so Robert thought they would just sleep in the car for the night and see how things went the next day.

So, they parked at Alton Baker Park and hunkered down for the night. When Eugene Police Officer David Natt knocked on their window they were prepared for hostility, but that wasn’t what they got. Officer Natt simply asked if they would like a place to stay for the night. The officer knew it was a cold night and didn’t think twice about offering help. In an article on KMTR’s website, Robert was quoted saying: “Any of us could be right where they’re at…it doesn’t take much. And like I told him, you give him an opportunity to gain a bit of time. A little bit of time is so valuable, and it’s so meaningful to them.” He went on to say: “It’s part of our three-word motto…protect, serve and care. And you have to take each one of those in all circumstances to heart when you’re making your decision.”

It’s always good to hear a story of a police officer doing what they can to help someone, and this is one very sweet story.



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