How to properly use and close ziplock bags


We all pack snacks and store leftovers in ziplock bags. They are a staple in every kitchen and found in every lunch box across America.

But did you know you’re using them incorrectly?

Slate magazine’s YouTube video shows a method beyond the typical routine of putting food in the bag, maybe pressing the air out, and then sealing the bag.

In fact, L.V. Anderson, Slate assistant editor, claims the technique “might change your life.”

Anderson’s method, learned from her mother, virtually removes all the excess air that makes food storage bulky, inefficient, and potentially dangerous.


She explains, instead of attempting to press the air out with your hands, seal the bag most of the way, leaving an inch of space. Then, place your mouth on the opening and simply suck the air out.

The bag immediately becomes air-tight.

An article on SFGate about food storage reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends using airtight containers as a safety measure to prevent bacteria from growing in your food.

“The less oxygen that is able to get into the container, the less dry goods will go stale, and fewer bacteria will grow on prepared food,” says SF Gate.

The method is also more space-efficient, explains Anderson.

“Start ziplocking everything else you own,” Anderson encourages. “It works for pretty much anything you’d want to put in a ziplock bag. It’s kind of a game changer.”



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