Retired Military Dog Meets A Tiny Kitten And Has The Sweetest Reaction!


After helping our troops overseas, one military dog was sent home to the U.S. and placed in his new forever home. While this big dog may look intimidating and agressive, he’s really just a big sweetheart.

Of course, when his owner brought home the most adorable kitten, Mom was nervous about introducing it to her (very) big brother — the family German shepherd. This video captures the earliest encounter between the two new siblings, and well, it looks like this former military dog is going to have one adorable friend to spend the rest of his retirement with.

In the video, the big dog tries to figure out who this tiny creature in his home is. But the dog is so gentle and patient, even as the kitten playfully paws at him. Although the pair were completely supervised during their meeting, it looks like their owners have nothing to worry about!

How this big dog reacts to his pint-sized pal is too sweet for words! This former military dog is really just a gentle giant.

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