Santa Claus’s Touching Secret Surprise for an 8-Year-old Who Needs a New Glass Eye


The East Idaho News in the US state of Idaho surprised an 8-year-old boy who was recently a difficult child.

When he was two years old, doctors diagnosed him with cancer in one eye and forced him to be removed.

East Idaho News.Youtube

Secret Santa is a real person who donates more money each year during the Christmas season, and the East Idaho News Clearinghouse helps those in need. Over the past few days, they have surprised an 8-year-old boy named Driggs with artificial eyes.

Now he has a prosthesis. From an early age, Throughout his childhood, he wanted a glass eye, but the insurance company does not cover this because it is a cosmetic repair. Only parents do not have enough money for glasses.

In recent days, a member of the East Idaho News Media House told the brave little boy the good news – Secret Santa has raised money for him, and Driggs will soon receive the glass eye he has been waiting for years.



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