When This Siren Goes Off, Everyone Stops What They Are Doing Immediately


Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates the Jewish lives that were lost as a result of the WWII holocaust. It’s estimated that nearly 6 million Jews were killed from Nazi Germany’s actions in the war, and one day a year (the 27th day of Nisan per the Hebrew Calendar) an air raid siren sounds over Israel in their honor.

When the siren sounds, it’s customary for everyone to stop what they are doing and spend the following 60 seconds reflecting on the significance of this tragic event. The video below shows one such instance of this powerful observance on an Israeli highway, where everyone gets out of their car and pays respect to the past in silence. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it is a true testament to how important remembrance is for everyone in every culture. Forgetting the past leaves room for history to repeat itself, and this is one dark period of our history that never needs repeating.



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