Soldier is Heartbroken to Leave Afghan Stray Dog Behind. Weeks Later, He Gets The Surprise Of a Lifetime


It is understandable that a soldier in deployment would always miss their family back home, and that is precisely what Nick Pierzchala felt while in service in Afghanistan. He is a pilot working with the National Guard MedEvac. His job is to evacuate wounded military personnel to safe zones for treatment. Well, he ended up doing more than that!

One day, Nick was with a group of colleagues when a stray dog came running straight at them. The dog did not seem any scared or anxious. This canine just wanted some love. The group decided to stay with her at their hangar. They fed her, cared for her and petted her. And then the time came for Nick to go home.

The group decided that Nick should take Airy, the dog, with him. A few weeks after leaving Afghanistan, Nick showed up at an airport in Florida to receive a crate. It was the dog!

The moment he opens the crate? Wow! It’s all hugs and kisses! Thanks to the SPCA for making this happen.



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