This Cute Pooch Is Afraid Of Riding In A Car. His Owner’s Decision Will Melt Your Heart!


So sweet! So gentle!

Adam knows that his friend Tommy is not the biggest fan of the car rides. Every time he asks the pet to join him, the dog refuses to follow and sits still.

To help your buddy overcome this fear, you need to take special measures, and judging by what we see in the video, Adam is doing great.

The moment his dog, Tommy, starts to get really anxious, he takes his paw, and holds it until they reach their destination. We couldn’t believe this either, but when we saw the moment captured on camera, we were absolutely stunned.

Tommy knows what is going to comfort him, and he goes straight for this thing. When Adam was asked about his beloved pet, he told the viewers that he tried other ways to calm him down, but they wouldn’t work.


Holding hands is something that instantly makes Tommy feel better, and his fear is somewhat reduced. When they are together in a car, Adam is not sure whether the dog will start to panic right away, and as he doesn’t want Tommy to suffer, he lends him a helping hand, literally.

Isn’t he the most adorable thing in the world?

But yet, we can’t help but feel kind of worried for the poor thing, because, with one hand on the paw and the other taking the video… who the hell is driving?! But then Adam’s explanation solved our concerns.


A lot of you seem to be concerned about how I took the video. I put my phone in an iPhone holder that I use in my car for hands free calls. Its attached to the driver side door. The phone fell out once because I was on a back road which was quite bumpy. Tommy is also buckled in via his harness so hes safe as a house. I appreciate all the concerns, especially about Tommy being buckled in because that’s important, but i assure you all it was perfectly safe, i wouldn’t have done it otherwise. You should all re-watch the video safe in the knowledge that me, Tom and the roads of Ireland are safe as ever

These two are adorable, and while the car rides are an absolute “no” to the pooch, his owner finds a way to make everything better. Their friendship is something that needs to be cherished and valued! Watch the video now and share your emotions.



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