An Unusual Thief Makes A Heist At A Grocery Store


In February of 2008, the following footage of a dog entering a grocery store was recorded. A dog walking into a store is nothing special, but what the dog did afterwards had the whole staff talking. The brave pup walked right to the dog food section, took a bone into his mouth, and walked out.

The “robbery” gained some online popularity, and in 2009 the dog in the video was identified. According to a local news station, the culprit was an 11-year-old husky named Akira. Akira’s owners say the dog often would leave their Utah property and wander off, so it makes sense he’d wander into a grocery store.

The most amazing thing about the story is that Akira lives almost 6 miles away from the grocery store. This means in order for the dog to get the bone on that day, he traveled almost 12 miles round trip. In 2009 the dog returned to the grocery store with her owners in order to pay for the bone that was stolen.

Click below to see the video that started it all! The video below also gives the worker’s perspective and what they thought of the event. Do you know of any animals that have stolen items before? Let us know about your pet shenanigans in the comments!



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