When the owner found out about the illness of his dog, he left it on the side of the road


A dog with a rare disease that left him unable to walk properly was abandoned and he couldn’t walk normally. This man did not want to fight the disease and left the poor boy here to his fate. Invisible, unconscious. Very sad…

Fortunately, rescuers found Bimul and brought him to the rescue! The disease affected all four of his legs, and he decided that physical therapy would be the best way to improve her physical condition.

Animal Shelter

But Bimul endured and did not trust anyone. he was afraid that she might offend them, so they massaged her and did their best to show that he was for the best. But the orthotic on his front leg helped his make progress! When the dog returned home with his friends,he was able to continue his rehabilitation treatment, and now his life is completely different… Watch Bimulu today!



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