10 Life Hacks For Parties And More


That Crazy Russian Hacker is at it again! Watch his strange-yet-awesome life hacks in the video below to learn some great tips to keep in your arsenal as we head into picnic season. This great advice will help you prepare for large gatherings with ease.

Be sure to use common sense with all of these hacks, however. For example, don’t use detergent when washing those potatoes in the dishwasher. And a word of warning for making your canvas shoes water resistant -always test a small area with the technique first. The wax may affect the color of your shoe, and you will want to be sure you like the final look before applying it to your entire shoe.

Try any or all of these tips, and please be sure to let us know how they worked out! Leave your notes or additional hacks in the comment section, and share with your friends on Facebook if you think they’d get a kick out of them!



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