13-Year-Old Boy Threatened To Run Away From Home. What This Cop Did Next Shocked Everyone.


While it’s not unusual for kids to fight with their parents, Sumter, S.C. Police Department knew something was strange when they got a call from a 13-year-old boy who said he wanted to leave home.

Officer Gaetano Acerra responded to the call and met Cameron Simmons, a boy who called the police to say he didn’t want to live with his mother any longer. Acerra then went above and beyond the call of duty by spending time with Cameron and explaining to him that life with mom was not so bad. That was until he entered the boy’s house.

While inside, the officer realized that the boy did not have much of anything of his own at home and understood why he wanted to leave. Acerra then decided to give this boy a better life. With help from friends who he told the boy’s story to, Acerra got a bed, desk, TV and even a Nintendo Wii gaming system for the boy. Most importantly, he gave the boy a forever friend, insisting Cameron call whenever he needed help or someone to talk to.

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