8-week-old Surprisingly Intelligent Toddler Shocked Her Mom when He Started “Talking”


Have you noticed that kids are growing too fast today? But this is not about schoolchildren or teenagers. We are talking about this baby who is definitely old. The baby in this video is only 8 weeks old and there is no doubt that she is smart for Her age.

From the moment this child was born, his parents knew he was smart. His parents noticed something in his eyes that indicated his intelligence. After a few weeks, it became clear that the child loved everything around him. However, it’s no surprise that these parents may read too much about their daughters’ actions. All children are interested in the environment.

Tim Hamilton,Youtube

One day, they finally found evidence that their child was someone else.

When her mother was talking to her, she started asking the girl if Christmas was good for hir. The child simply cooed and responded to his childish speech. Of course, babies this young can’t form any real words yet. But we thought so. It’s good that this moment was filmed and posted on the network.

In the video, mom says, “I love you.” She said this three times in a row. After the third time, you can see the baby trying to say it back. The child muttered like a The baby who may not have formed yet, but of course She seemed to be telling her mom that she loved her too.

Tim Hamilton,Youtube

Her mother just laughed, not believing what she had just heard. Fortunately, he filmed the relationship. During the playback of the tape, he checked if the child was saying, “I love you.” She tried to play it twice and was sure he was listening.

Dad posted a video on YouTube to see if he agrees with the others. Suddenly, this video will be streaming on the Internet!

To date, more than 47 million people have watched the video. She has over 2.2 million likes and 62 thousand comments. The audience has no choice but to explain how beautiful this interaction is. One viewer said, “Oh, that’s really nice. A pretty girl, by the way, hopes to grow up to be a beautiful young lady.

But are such young children capable of speaking, responding and even understanding real conversations?

Tim Hamilton,Youtube

According to the Mashwell family article, the most gifted children can speak for the first time after an average of nine months and rarely after six months. However, there are other parents of gifted children who begin to speak at the age of three months, but cannot do so because their mouths, tongues and lips are not fully developed yet.

Of course, it is impossible to prove that the child in the video spoke the real word. However, it is true that some parents report that their babies try to talk when they are 3 months old, but this is a great opportunity for a child to say “I love you” to his mother.



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