80-Year-Old Man Reunited With His Beloved Elephant After 15 Years. Her Reaction Will Blow You Away.


You may have heard the old saying “An Elephant NEVER Forgets”, but have you ever truly believed it? If this video doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

Charlie Franks is a self-proclaimed Circus man from back when the Circus was a treasure. As the industry changed and Charlie got older, it was clear he couldn’t continue on as an elephant trainer forever and he had to give up his beloved and sweet elephant, Sunita. He got Nita back in 1955 at the age of 6 and trained her for over a decade, before donating the intelligent elephant to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

After Charlie’s wife passed away, he knew that his days were also numbered and at 80 years old, he decided to pay his old friend a visit. In this touching video from 1988, Charlie sees Nita for the first time in 15 years. Nita comes running over to her friend as if not a day had gone by. This touching video proves that an elephant truly doesn’t forget a person – and how they were treated.

Shortly after this video was taken, Charlie passed away. He said one of the best things he ever did was traveling to go see his old pal and that he knows his life affected at least ONE living being for the better.

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