Her 97-Year-Old Grandma Dances With Her Daughter, And It’s Adorable


When it comes to priceless Grandma/granddaughter moments, it doesn’t get better than this.

You just have to love a grandparent who goes the extra mile to spend some quality time with their kids’ kids. In the following video, we meet a duo that might just be the best yet. Alexis’ grandmother is 97 years old, and her daughter Alaria is 8. As you can see, Alaria loves nothing more than to dance and be in front of the camera while Mom films. So what does Grandma do? At first, it looks like she’d rather watch Alaria break it down to “Worth It (Dame Esta Noche)” by girl group Fifth Harmony, but it doesn’t take long for her to join her granddaughter in a living room dance-off! “You want me to do my thing?” she says to the camera. And let me tell you, this dancing Granny has got the moves.

This adorable little girl couldn’t be happier as her Granny dances along, and we can see why. This video is sure to go viral in no time… and when you see it you’ll totally understand why!

Man, I can only hope to have this much sass and energy at 97.

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