A 10-Week-old Child Tells His Father, “I Love You.”


Children’s tours. These may be the happiest and most proud moments in the life of mom and dad. Little Joy is actually a new blank page that fills the page with unpredictable moments. That’s why new parents always have a phone and a ready camera.

Just like a ten-week-old girl! It was clear that he was trying to convince dad to talk to him.


He is guaranteed. When both parents are together, important stages in the development of the child become more important. The emotional, psychological and even physiological development of the child depends on the fact that his parents are the first teachers of the child.

Dad, listen. When she goes, she carries the voice of her little girl.
“May I say that I love you?” I love you?”

The child hung his beautiful eyes, just to look at his father. She continues to say, “I love you,” to the surprise and joy of her mother. It must have melted two hearts!


The sweet little baby girl has accumulated over 2.4 million views already.

And as she gets older, those “I love you” exchanges between her and her parents sound every bit as sweet as her first few attempts.

Listen to this ten-week talk and watch the video below to impress your parents.



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