She Told Her Dog She Loved Him. His Response? I Couldn’t Believe It!


I love Airedales. They are some of the sweetest and most loyal big dogs out there, and Stanley the Airedale proves that point perfectly!

Since Stanley was seeming to miss his human mom when she was away for a little bit, his human dad decided to let him talk to her on the phone. The excited way Stanley “talks” whenever she speaks is just the cutest thing, and you can tell just how much this big dog loves his family!

Does your dog “talk” do you when you tell him or her you love them? I used to have a dog that would speak on command, but who also loved to talk back to the TV whenever there was a loud show on. I could never figure out if he could understand what was happening on the show, or if he just wanted to add his voice to the noise!

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