A 20-year-old dog ended up in a shelter and confused veterinarians with his desire to live.


A few months ago, an amazing video telling the life story of a 20-year-old dog went viral.

Due to his age, he was adopted from a shelter where the dog has loving teachers and many animal friends.

The dog, named Elephant, lived 18 years of his life with his previous owners and then fell ill. To save him from suffering, but the veterinarians were convinced that the dog wanted to live.

GeoBeats Animals, YouTube

He was taken to a Canadian shelter and given only three weeks to live. The elephant has surpassed all odds – he has been in a shelter for two years, surrounded by good people. He gets along well with other animals, and during this time many of his health problems have disappeared.

Watch this cute video about a dog who lives, despite his enviable age, and brightens the day of others.



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