A couple skate on ice and play “Nothing Else Matters” in the background


Today, the Network is surrounded by wonderful ice dance performances performed by figure skaters Euny and Gage Brown from the United States.

In a magical spectacle, they perform to the accompaniment of the world famous hit translated by the Metallica group.

On Ice Perspectives.Youtube

Una and Gage Brown at a real party in Bryant Park, New York, when they put on a beautiful dance performance. In the background, he played the hit “Nothing Else Matters”, under which Metallica signed a contract in 1991.

The dance performance of the skaters has captured many online users who are enthusiastic about their choreography. The video will surely impress you.

See a beautiful figure skating dance as Una and Gage Brown from the US danced to Metallica’s world-famous hit “Nothing Else Matters”.



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