A drone filmed a deer crossing a road in Hungary


Recently, a video appeared on the Internet, filmed in Hungary many years ago, which touched the hearts of animal lovers.

The unusual scene of a herd of antelope and brown antelope crossing the road and fields was filmed from the air with a drone, and the video clip has already become a hit on the Internet.

To date, footage from Hungary has been viewed more than 3.3 million times on YouTube alone, and the herd of deer and antelope has many netizens excited.

The author of the post, Ferenc Takacs, writes next to the image that herds gather every winter to migrate along the borders of Tottos, Boli, Šatorhei and Udvar. Migration is a natural phenomenon, but the exact path is unknown to the author.

Watch this amazing video of a herd of deer migrating to warmer countries in winter.



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