A man in California Cuts Down a Tall Tree that is About to Die


Cutting tall trees can be very dangerous, as evidenced by a video from San Bernardino, California, USA.

There a worker climbed onto a tall palm tree and sawed off the top with a saw. What happened next captivated many TV viewers.

A video came from the United States of a worker sawing a tall palm tree. He climbed to the top of a tree and was already tilting heavily due to the weight of the top, after which many observers were amazed.

When he cut off the top of the palm tree, the trunk straightened again and “danced” in the air together with the worker. The worker’s heart must have fallen into his pants at this moment.

Take a look at this unusual phenomenon: a US arborist starts sawing a tall palm tree. Will anyone dare to repeat his dangerous adrenaline rush?



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