He Gives Her A Bunch Of Money And She Can’t Contain Her Excitement


She was selling roses for a buck apiece on the subway. It didn’t take long for one man to realize that one doesn’t simply buy roses to resell unless they’re in need of a golden rose themselves. That’s when he stepped in. He asks her, at first, how much it’d cost for fifteen roses. After she gives him the price, he calculates how much it’d cost for all of them, and lays an offer on the table. That’s not the most unbelievable part: what’s truly admirable is what he does with his newly purchased bouquet.

It’s unclear what her initial reaction was — likely somewhere between confused and enamored — but it becomes obvious toward the end. What might you have done if you were watching this? The man gets off at the next stop, so there wasn’t much time to thank him. That being said, I think her response said it all. Be sure to share this precious moment with your friends on Facebook! You just might restore their faith in humanity!



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