Adorable Baby Penguin Thinks He’s A Puppy


This adorable baby penguin is winning over the hearts of millions with his big personality. After being born through a Russian Zoo’s animal conservation program, the little guy needed some extra care from zookeepers in order to grow big and healthy.

After spending time with humans, this baby African penguin has grown attached and has even started acting more like a dog than a wild animal.

In footage released by the zoo, the baby chick plays with toys, looks in the mirror, and even sits on the handler’s lap. How sweet is that? This penguin isn’t shy and curls right up in the female zookeeper’s lap and demands to be petted before falling asleep.

From the looks of the video, this penguin who is getting all the love and attention he needs from his caretakers. Don’t you wish you could trade places with this woman — even for just 10 minutes? Most of us would only dream of having such a sweet encounter with an adorable baby penguin.

The zoo hopes this video with raise awareness about the endangered species. African penguins are in danger of extinction. Major reasons include depletion of their food from overfishing, climate change, and pollution from incidents like oil spills.

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