Adorable Elephant Loves Shower Time So Much, It Never Ends!


After a day working outside mowing the lawn under the summer sun or splitting wood in the dead of winter, there’s nothing better than taking a nice long shower to wash the sweat, dirt, and stress of the day away. You might even be tempted to stand under the warm water for much longer than necessary. Hopefully, the fishes in the sea will be able to forgive you for using up their water while you sing your favorite songs into a shampoo bottle.

Apparently, elephants like this ritual, too. While they don’t exactly have a lawn to tend to or a fireplace to replenish, that doesn’t mean their days aren’t as full as ours! After trotting through the dust all day, rolling around in dirt, and sliding through mud, a shower sounds pretty good to them, too.

This big guy? He just can’t get enough of his late-afternoon shower. While his keeper sprays him with cool water from a hose, the happy elephant can’t even bear to stay on his feet; he goes for total relaxation. He plops himself down on the ground and flails his giant feet in the air like he’s a teeny baby getting a bath from Mom. At 1:24, this adorable majestic giant is in pure bliss.

I bet this guy is going to sleep really well tonight after a nice cleansing shower like this. Then, tomorrow, he’ll be all ready to get down and dirty all over again!

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