Police Officers Hand Out $3,000 To Town Residents In Financial Need


During the holiday season, otherwise known as the season of giving, we’ve seen many anonymous donors and do-gooders spread some cheer to those in need. From compassionate Santas intuitive to children’s needs to “layaway angels” paying for a struggling family’s Christmas purchases, a gesture of any size can impact the life of another in a positive way.

The police of Harrah, Oklahoma, decided to spread a little joy with the help of Harrah’s Assembly of God, Countryside Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church of Harrah. Together, the religious institutions raised $3,000 in donations, which the police later distributed to many lucky Harrah residents in $50 increments.

But the money didn’t just go to anyone in the town: it was given to those in the most dire financial situations, those who would benefit from it the most. Those families were identified, and the police officers were sent on their way, surprising those residents on the road or at their houses.

Of course, getting pulled over by a cop or seeing one at the front door usually isn’t a great sign. But these stunned residents of Harrah broke down in tears once they were presented with their gifts. Janice Hughes and her family were amongst the lucky recipients, as her husband is recovering from an aneurism that almost claimed his life. They care for their 12-year-old granddaughter, and have been since her birth.

We’re sure that these Harrah residents were greatly touched by this surprise gift!

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