This Adorable Little Bird Absolutely Loves Baths


Having a pet is a big responsibility. No matter what type or size, you have to make sure to keep them well feed, healthy, and most require a little grooming as well.

The pet food can be expensive…and so can the vet bills if they happen to need any type of medical care, but sometimes the hardest part about being a pet owner is making sure your pet is well-groomed and clean

Getting most pets to take a bath can be a struggle. Either they absolutely hate even getting near the water, like the puppy who was extremely nervous for his first bath, or they can’t get enough of it, like the bunny who loves a good soak or the cat whose favorite way to wind down after a long day is by taking a nice, relaxing bath. Sometimes, the ones who love the bath are even worse than the ones who hate it, because they will jump in the shower with you or make a gigantic mess playing in the water!

This little birdy might be the easiest pet to clean up. Not only does he come hopping over the second he hears the water turn on for bath time, but he also sings while he bathes, and he’s so tiny he can be dried off with a hand towel!

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