Shark And Scuba Diver Get Friendly In An Aquarium


The Aquarium des Lagons in New Caledonia is something special. First, there’s its location. New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France, located in a remote location in the Southwest Pacific ocean near New Zealand. Second, there are its seven aquarium caretakers, each of whom must be a biologist, a diver, a lab technician and fulfill several other criteria just to obtain their positions. Finally, there is its collection of sea creatures that will leave you breathless.

So go ahead and file this under “things you don’t see everyday.” The featured aquarium caretaker is cleaning the glass when he gets paid a visit by a leopard shark. Instead of swimming away in fear, though, the diver actually pets the shark like it were any other animal. Cue the disbelief…

Shockingly, the shark absolutely loves the affection. It curls up to the caretaker, acting almost like a pet dog. At one point it rolls onto its back to allow the employee better access when scratching its tummy, reminding me of nothing so much as my golden retriever.

What did you think when the shark first approached the diver? Have you ever seen anything like this? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the video, and spread it to your friends if you thought it was as cool and bizarre as we did.



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