AWW! Mom And Dad Tell Daughter They Just Adopted The Foster Baby!


Like many parents with an only child, Anita and Jim wanted to grow their family and give their daughter, Avi, a younger sibling. After suffering four miscarriages and the resulting emotional trauma, they decided to try adoption. The family of three had no idea the painstaking journey on which they were about to embark — one of heartbreak, persistence, struggle, and triumph.

After going through one failed adoption already, Anita and Jim were losing hope that a second child was even possible. But in 2013, baby Aeralyn was born to a mother who could not provide her with the care she needed. Anita and Jim started fostering baby Aerie, and it didn’t take long for their growing daughter, Avi, to fall in love with her just as much as they did.

In the following video, Anita and Jim deliver some life-changing news to Avi. They’ve just come back from the courthouse, and they’re finally able to tell Avi that baby Aerie will be a member of their family… forever.

Watch the video below for Avi’s truly viral-worthy reaction to the incredible news…

First, meet the amazing Bojan family…


Anita & Jim Bojan

Meet Anita and Jim Bojan, a loving couple from Illinois who wanted nothing more than to grow their family and give their daughter, Avi, the younger sibling she always wanted. After suffering four miscarriages and emotional trauma, Anita and Jim turned to adoption.

Little did they know that the adoption process would be nothing like they saw on TV.


Anita & Jim Bojan

In 2012, Anita and Jim were slated to adopt a pregnant woman’s baby. “I was the one to cut umbilical cord, first to hold her and Jim and I went through jaundice with her,” Anita says.

But once the birth mom breastfed this baby, she had a change of heart.


The failed adoption was a devastating blow for Anita and Jim. They had to find a way to appropriately discuss the situation with their five-year-old daughter, Avi…


Anita & Jim Bojan

Three months later, Anita received a text from “A” that changed the Bojan family forever.

Aerie had fallen ill and “A” lost her job trying to care for her. She was reaching out to see if Anita and Jim would still consider adopting her. The couple was overjoyed — and so was little Avi. She was finally going to be a big sister. “A” signed over her parental rights to Anita and Jim, and Aerie has been a part of the Bojan family ever since.

“Aerie has added so much to our family,” Anita told LittleThings. “Dad calls her ‘Sweet Potato’ and I call her ‘My Little Pistol.’”


Anita & Jim Bojan

It’s been over two years since Aerie was adopted into the Bojan family, and she and Avi are inseparable. The sisters like to play in the snow, ride their bikes, and play dress-up together.

“When Avi is dropped off at dance class, Aerie is continuously asking, ‘Where is Avi?’ When dance is over and she comes to the door, Aerie runs over to her so excited to see her. Their friendship keeps growing daily and Avi is taking a desire to help Aerie more and more. Aerie is learning to trust Avi and see her as a big sister rather than an equal.”


Anita & Jim Bojan
Though Anita and Jim endured heartaches and disappointments along the road to adoption, they persevered and followed their heart’s desire to add to their amazing family.
Anita offers the following advice to any parents hoping to adopt a child, but who may be having a rough time: “Develop a thick skin and do not let anyone convince you to stop pursuing your dream,” Anita says. “Agencies will try to have you stop after a certain time frame, families will say this is too hard for you and friends will try to add their thoughts, too. If you want it bad enough, it will happen.

The Bojan family hopes their story will inspire other families to never give up. Adoption is a highly emotional experience, but the pay-off is worth every step along the way. Please SHARE this amazing video with your friends on Facebook



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