Baby slowly wakes up, then dad asks him a question – How baby responds has everyone fall in love


When a couple get married, they start dreaming about having their little babies. But when the dream comes true, daily challenges are coming along: Sleep, eat, change diapers,.. But with these difficulties, you just can’t ignore the cuteness and the beauty of your babies especially when they started growing and doing facial expressions, thoughts, abilities and reactions.

You can’t just stop looking at them. Only a tiny baby who can make an angry look seems so adorable like this baby in the video below. Meet baby Oliver, also known as “The ORB”.

Oliver’s dad did very good when he filmed the entire thing. the video starts when dad asks baby Oliver a very simple question. But it’s the baby’s reaction that’s melting everyone’s hearts.

Baby Oliver just woke up from a nap and he show every expression you can think of.. As he’s returning to the real world after a good sleep, he yawns with passion, quirms with intent, stretches with strength, and adjusts with vigor – the “waking up moment” is too beautiful for words.


Then baby Oliver opens his heavy eyelids. His dad still watching and waiting patiently to ask his baby a very important question.

After all the cuteness displayed through his expressions, we can’t wait for his reply.. He’s just too adorable!

The moment has come! Dad says: ‘Good morning’. Oliver’s eyes are suddenly wide open, glaring right back at his dad – blinking slowly.

Then dad asks: ‘Did you sleep well?’ The baby is still staring at him with a very serious look on his tiny face. Then he did ‘answer’ the question.

Watch baby Oliver’s must-see, heart-melting response below:



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