He Was Starving, Matted And Abused – But His Transformation Will SHOCK You! I’m In Tears!


My heart broke just a few seconds into watching this clip of the rescue of a sweet but scared Poodle named Theo.

In this clip, Elad Hagar, one of the founders of Hope for Paws, hits the streets of Compton, CA in search for stray dogs when they find Theo hiding under a trailer on the street. Hope for Paws is an amazing organization that helps animals all over the United States that are neglected and abused.

It took a little coaxing and a short foot race, but Elad was able to get this little champion and take him somewhere safe and warm. I started to tear up the moment Theo realized he was surrounded by love! He is just so precious and gentle!

By the end, we see just how much Theo has transformed inside and out, and I promise you won’t recognize him!

Theo is currently looking for a forever home, so please SHARE this with your friends. Let’s get Theo adopted!


Via Petflow



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