School Bus Driver Saves Children From Tornado


Angel Perry will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t consider herself to be a “hero.” In fact, she considers herself just a regular woman and mother who would do anything that anyone else would do.

The Indiana skies suddenly grew dark, and when the school’s principal received the tornado warning, he made the call: School was to be let out early and the children should be sent home as soon as possible to get to safety.

Angel got the call and drove into the school earlier than usual to pick up her load. The kids got on the bus and she started her route. She was driving them to their homes when suddenly there it was; an F4 tornado just touching down. Angel had no idea what to do, she stopped the bus and begged God to give her an answer.

As the twister slinked nearer to the bus she gunned the gas and took the children back to the school. The school acts as a temporary shelter in worst case scenarios, and as she stopped in front of the school she screamed at the kids to run for safety.

When they all managed to jump into the school, Angel closed the door behind her as if she was in an action movie. Moments later the school bus was completely ripped apart by the raw force of nature’s full fury.

So while she may not call herself a “hero,” don’t tell that to the parents of the 11 children who were left unharmed! Because to them and their babies, Angel’s new title seems pretty fitting.

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