Bear Is Walking Across Driveway, Then He Comes Face-To-Face With A Human


Naturally, we tend to fear animals that are bigger, heavier, stronger, faster, and/or more aggressive than us. From massive lions to sharp-toothed sharks to intimidating snakes, we tend to keep our distance away from these guys as much as possible to avoid danger. For some of us, we may even admire the beauty of these animals from a distance while still never intentionally getting in direct contact with them.

Although it is a good idea to stay away from animals we perceive as dangerous, sometimes we forget that the animals we fear may also fear us as well. In many cases, loudly clanking pots and pans or screaming at an animal that’s approaching us is enough to make them run away. They say you have to show the animal who’s boss. As for some domesticated animals like dogs, sometimes the opposite interactions work: talking kindly to the animal and/or giving them a treat. How we react is important.

It’s hard to tell which of the two was more afraid! The good news, though, is that nothing bad occurred during their brief confrontation.

Although it was clear that both were quite fearful during the unexpected meeting, the bear shakes away his nerves and immediately begins to slowly walk back to his destination. The very last few seconds of the clip, we watch as the animal walks up to the path to the front door. Looks like the homeowners have company!

You’ll laugh when you watch the footage of the man and bear below! Have you ever had a similar encounter with an animal?



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