She Inhales Helium, But When She Does THIS At 2:20, I Nearly Died Laughing!


Well, here’s something I definitely didn’t expect to see today!

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jimmy Fallon any more, he got one of my all-time favorite actresses to do the unthinkable! On the big screen, Dame Helen Mirren is always a classy lady, but as she reveals in the following clip from her Tonight Show appearance, she’s nothing like the stuffy, royalty-like characters she’s so used to playing.

It could be that Jimmy Fallon just brings out the most ridiculous side of his guests, as he did in this hysterical segment featuring Michael Keaton. But after watching the video below, I’m convinced Mirren is actually a live wire in real life…and I love seeing this side of the legendary actress!

In the clip, Fallon convinces his guest to do something she hasn’t done in about 55 years — suck the helium out of a balloon! While people usually tend to think their own voice is funniest on helium, I’m absolutely loving how her British accent changes when she sips some down. Jimmy and his team are just geniuses for thinking up this skit, in which he hands her an “Oscar” and asks her to say a little acceptance speech. However, the funniest moment has to be at the end when she says the name of a rather unusual British dish, so make sure you watch the entire video.

If you loved this clip, I bet you’ll enjoy how another Oscar winner and very famous voice sounds on helium!

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