Ben Utecht Writes A Loving Song To His Family In Response To Brain Injuries


Listening to this powerful song brought tears to my eyes. The song is titled “You Will Always Be My Girls,” a beautiful piece, written and sung by former NFL player Ben Utecht. The inspiration behind Utecht’s moving lyrics stems from themultiple brain injuries Utecht has suffered from after taking so many hits to the head during his football career. According to an article published by the San Jose Mercury News, Utecht’s series of concussions while playing for the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals caused considerable damage to his brain and threatened his memory retention. Utecht wanted to write a loving letter to his wife and three daughters telling them that they’ll always be his girls, even if the trauma to his brain causes him to forget their names or become unfamiliar with their faces.

I hate to think of having a loved one going through what Utecht is going through, but his wife and daughters are standing by his side, strong and supportive, and it’s beautiful to see. Since Utecht can no longer play football he’s pursuing his career as a musician and even an occasional actor. His beautiful lyrics have moved many hearts, and it’s just the beginning. I’m excited to see where Utecht’s passions take him as he continues to inspire millions.

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