Bowie, get to know the sensations of the Internet. Unusual rescue kitten


Social media is full of pictures of cute kittens, but not all of them can become an Internet sensation. However, a little kitten named the great musician David Bowie got rich.

The lovely cat was cast in 2018 and recognized by the Spanish Veterinary Authority. The cheerful cat soon saw its owner, Maria Lloret.

Bowie’s bright blue-green eyes quickly made him famous, admired and admired.

Her adoption was the beginning of their countless adventures. It was first named after a skinny artist.

Bowie is a sweet, lovable character and loves to play at home. However, in front of the camera, she is just amazing!

Maria began posting pictures of her beauty with two small eyes and quickly attracted thousands of fans from all over the world. Their home will be in Alicante, Spain at the end of 2018.

Since December 2018, this strange cat has gained over 30,000 followers since its owner created an Instagram account for this heterochromatic cut.

Maria, an advocate for animal adoption, believes her photographs will help raise awareness of the importance of the practice.

His mother started a blog for cunning adventurers with Spanish and English translations.



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