Missouri man hits the lottery, wins over $250 million


For most, winning the lottery is like a dream come true, a moment that arrives with fireworks and loud cheers. For a Missouri man named Chris Shaw, winning the lottery meant quietly and calmly coming to terms with what his matching numbers meant. In 2010, Shaw hit a $258 million Powerball jackpot after purchasing a ticket from the convenience store that he worked at.

The following video captures the moments Shaw’s luck was truly realized. In the footage, Shaw’s boss and coworkers stand by him as the surreal reality of his winnings hits them. According to CBS News, Shaw was unsure at first whether or not he would quit his minimum-wage job at the convenience store. CBS News also reports that Shaw, 29 years old at the time, is also a father of three kids, and only had $28.96 in his bank account when he won.
Upon winning, Shaw told news sources that he intended on taking his kids to Disney World.


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