How This Brilliant Horse Kept Outsmarting People Is Quite REMARKABLE!


And the best animal talent goes to . . . Mariska, the HOUDINI! I have heard and watched tricks done by different kinds of animal. But this is my first to see a horse did something like this! Your right, she is a horse.

People were curious and at the same time amazed seeing Mariska outside the barn. Hence, they took out their camera to find out how she managed to get out. Remarkably, they found out that Mariska can effortlessly get out of her cage. She knew what to pull, what to push and where to go. She didn’t even care even if people were watching her doing her magic tricks. We are pretty sure, his owner did not teach her how to do it. She definitely learned it on her own!

I guess the only thing that the owner need to do is install an automated lock so that she will not be roaming around anymore. Otherwise, she will always end up being outside and thinking that she has outsmarted her owner. Quite talented. Right?




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